Belmont Boundaries

Check out this map with the approved school boundaries for the 18-19 school year


Bus Routes and Schedules

Bus Routes and Schedules will be published on August 11th.


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School Jingle Jam!

Join our school in celebrating this holiday season on Wednesday, December 19th! B track parents drop off your children and come straight into the gym for the 9:30 performance. A track parents meet in the gym for the performance at 1:30. We will finish by 2:15 for you to take your children home with you!


Grub Night at Pizza Studio

Tuesday, the 18th, from 5-9pm Come grab food at Pizza Studio! Money from your purchases will be donated to the PTA!


4051 N. Maple Hollow Blvd, Lehi (Map it) | Front Office 801-610-8734 | Fax 385-248-0022 | School Schedule


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Early Out Monday Schedule

Grades 1-6

  • A Track 8:00-1:15
  • B Track 9:15-2:30


  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:35-2:30


No Pre-School on Mondays

Tuesday – Friday Schedule

Grades 1-6

  • A Track 8:00-2:15
  • B Track 9:15-3:30


  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:35-3:30


  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:45-3:30

Recess and Lunch Schedule

First Grade

Recess 10:00-10:15

Lunch Recess 11:50-12:05/Lunch 12:05-12:25

Second Grade

Lunch Recess 11:00-11:15/Lunch 11:15-11:35

Recess 12:55-1:10

Third Grade

Recess 10:40-10:55

Lunch Recess 11:40-11:55/Lunch 11:55-12:15

Fourth Grade

Recess 10:40-10:55

Lunch Recess 11:20-11:35/Lunch 11:35-11:55

Fifth Grade

Recess 10:00-10:15

Lunch Recess 11:10-11:25/Lunch 11:25-11:45

Sixth Grade

Lunch Recess 11:30-11:45/Lunch 11:45-12:05

Recess 1:10-1:25